Email Design Awards

As the longest-running, dedicated email design agency, we pride our self on always pushing boundaries and never staying comfortable when creating emails. This in turn has led to award winning email designs and campaigns.

  • Internet Marketing Association IMPACT15

    The MegaBonus promo is not one email but a series of communications that includes touch points such as a promo preview, registration confirmation, and progress updates. The culminating email dynamically displays a member's final tally for MegaBonus points. 

    The final "total points earned" email in the spring 2015 MegaBonus promotion had the third-highest open rate and second-highest revenue per email delivered rate of all touch points in the campaign. What's more, the promo generated 50% more revenue year-over-year.

  • Silver PRO Award Winner

    In this mobile-friendly December enewsletter, Yesmail helped Marriott to embed a dynamic, personalized video that included each recipient’s number of stays at Marriott properties and in which cities. This information, along with data about points earned and spent, was displayed as an infographic as well. The email also included information about the company’s year in review—how many hotels it had opened, how many points were redeemed—while spotlighting favorite destinations.

    The click-to-open rate for the December emails was up 20% from the previous December, and Marriott Rewards generated 86% more revenue than it had in December 2012 or 2013.

  • Purity Products’ Healthy Triggered Email Program
    Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze Winner

    Yesmail Interactive Purity Products’ Healthy Triggered Email Program, Powered by Yesmail 

    When customers sign up to receive Purity Products communications via a Yesmail-hosted page, they receive a series of Welcome Messages letting them know what they can expect from the brand's emails. At this time they can click a link to update their email frequency preferences. 

    Purity Products' triggered email program has contributed to an overall increase in revenue of $950,000. The engagement on these messages is higher than what is seen on their day-to-day promotional messages: open rates vary between 7 and 12%, click rates are between 0.70% and 2.0%. In comparison, the targeted trigger messages have open rates ranging from 15 to 35% and the click rates have spanned 6% to 44%. 

  • Horizon Interactive Awards Bronze Winner

    Body Central Finds the Right Fit with Triggered Emails

    There was an opportunity for Body Central to partner with Certona, a leader in omnichannel personalization, based on the company's ability to capture data from customer behavior tracked on the retailer's site and have those insights relayed to Yesmail.

    The triggered emails targeted to subscribers’ product searches and abandoned shopping carts have each achieved open and click rates of 30% and 8%, far greater than the averages of 12-13% and 1-2% for status quo marketing messages. These two types of triggered messages have also generated $30,000 in sales since May 2014.  In terms of the New Arrivals triggered emails, after just two deployments, total sales generated reached almost $20k.


  • 2015 Relevancy Ring Client Satisfaction Awards - Gold

    Conducted in Q4 2014, The Relevancy Group’s The Relevancy Ring – ESP Buyers’ Guide 2015 is a comprehensive evaluation of enterprise and mid-market email service providers. The Relevancy Ring was built on quantifiable data-driven information that includes an assessment of company offerings, extensive vendor questionnaire, in-depth interviews with client references, and detailed technology demonstrations based on specific use cases.  To download an excerpt of The Relevancy Group’s The Relevancy Ring – ESP Buyers’ Guide 2015, visit   

    Yesmail is thrilled to be named a leader in The Relevancy Ring – ESP Buyers’ Guide 2015, as well as named a top performer in every category. Yesmail won Gold Customer Satisfaction Award in the enterprise section in these categories:

    • Account Management Services
    • Creative Services
  • 2015 Relevancy Ring Client Satisfaction Awards - Silver

    Conducted in Q4 2014, The Relevancy Group’s The Relevancy Ring – ESP Buyers’ Guide 2015 is a comprehensive evaluation of enterprise and mid-market email service providers. Yesmail is thrilled to be names a leader in The Relevancy Ring – ESP Buyers’ Guide 2015, as well as named a top performer in every category.  Yesmail won the Silver Customer Satisfaction Award in the enterprise section in these categories:

    • Strategic Services
    • Technical Services
    • Production Services
  • OMMA Awards
    OMMA Award

    Winner in Email: Campaign or Standalone category

    Marriott Rewards’ Mobile Check-in campaign, powered by Yesmail, was designed to raise awareness and increase smartphone—with check-in functionality—app downloads. The campaign featured two designs coded in a single framework— one for desktop, the other for mobile—yielding more than 27,000 downloads in a single day, and went to #1 in Travel (previously #25) and #47 Overall (previously #938) in Apple's iTunes app store. The email campaign had an open rate of 37%.

  • IMPACT14 Award

    Yesmail was named Email Marketing Winner by the Internet Marketing Association for work on VSP's EnVision newsletter. The Yesmail team refreshed the look of VSP’s e-newsletter and made it more mobile-friendly at the same time by creating email templates using responsive design techniques. With this new design, EnVison’s layout automatically adapts to different screen sizes. In addition, CSS call-to-action buttons are large and utilize rounded-corners without images, making them 100% readable and clickable. Plus, text size grows substantially for viewership on small mobile screens. Lastly, a fun recurring section in the bottom half of the newsletter captures readers’ interest through ‘sticky’ content like sweepstakes, trivia, and social media excerpts. These updates have resulted in drastic improvements in the performance of VSP’s e-newsletter—there was a surge in engagement and unique page visits.

  • Marketing ARC Awards

    Yesmail was the winner of best 'Conversion Optimization' category for our Marriott Mobile Check-In campaign. The mobile-first campaign was developed for Marriott’s Rewards members in North America. With responsive design enabled, guests could read the email on a computer or on a mobile device.

  • Chief Marketer Pro Awards

    Marriott unrolled an innovative Mobile Check-In feature, exclusive to Marriott Hotels in the US and Canada, in its popular smartphone app. Yesmail thought mobile-first when developing Marriott’s email campaign targeted to Rewards members in North America. The email employed responsive design, so guests could read the message on a computer or just as easily on a mobile device. Yesmail’s Creative team also implemented scalable design best practices, e.g. stacking content sections and enlarging text, and took advantage of mobile devices’ unique functionalities: when people clicked the calls-to-action, they would be brought to their device’s app store or “Visit” Just a few days after the launch of Mobile Check-In, Marriott’s app jumped to #1 in Travel in the iTunes app store.