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Data equals insight

Data = Insight

Marketers need to have the ability to turn Big Data into business insight. We do this by creating a holistic system of engagement. This system of engagement closes the gap between data which is available to the marketer and the ability to analyze it and turn that data into actionable insights.  By uniting technology and process, the systems of engagement is able to turn these insights into goal oriented marketing communications that spur desired customer behavior. 


Dan Hall

Our technology initiatives strive to remove the barriers too often encountered while implementing marketing programs. In everything from data integration to creating innovative functionality, we focus on helping our customers deliver meaningful results.”

A system of engagement is developed by incorporating a System of Record, System of Insight, and Engagement Channels.

  • Th system of record collects and records interaction data


    The System of Record collects and records interaction data used to understand customers, and drive elements of marketing communications.

  • The system of insight allows targeting, personalization


    The System of Insight is comprised of the elements that contribute to understanding customers and creating targeted, personalized, and contextual communications.

  • Engagement channels collect custom action data


    Engagement Channels are the outbound marketing channels and the inbound response channels through which customer action data  is primarily collected.

System of engagement

System of Engagement

System of Record, System of Insight, and Engagement Channels work together to create the System of Engagement. This process focuses on analyzing data to establish actionable insights that propels strategic marketing campaign execution. The customer actions created from these communications are automatically fed back into the System of Record and System of Insight to support measurement, analysis, testing, and future communications, both ad-hoc and triggered. As new insights are developed they are tested, and those that are determined to help move the brand towards their goals can be implemented on a broader, automated, basis as appropriate.


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