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Personalization is the biggest factor in customer engagement. With Yesmail360i marketers can personalize, test, and optimize the customer experience by using dynamic content blocks, customizable content libraries, and real-time personalization tactics like times, polls, web scrapes, and more.

dynamic content blocks personalize emails

Content Blocks

Marketers can use content blocks (stored in the in-platform Content Library) to personalize emails based on a campaign’s audience and objectives. They can swap one content block for another if they need to change an offer, an image, a call-to-action, or any other section within an email campaign, without having to recreate it. 


You Can Personalize in Real Time with:

  • folded map picture - consumer location for email marketing

    Marketers can use a consumer’s location to deliver relevant content and drive subscribers to purchase in-store.

  • videos embedded in email

    Drive email engagement  with embedded video in email that plays back right in the inbox and increases views by 35%-45%.

  • slideshows in email templates

    Deliver more email content using the same limited space by rotating images in a slideshow.

  • weather triggers in email marketing

    Detect viewers’ local weather upon an email open, consider the forecast and incorporate content based on the current conditions.

  • custom email images and templates

    Make your emails instantly relevant by displaying custom images based on weather, location, device, time zone, and more.

  • social share icons for social feeds

    Grow your brand’s reliability by including user-generated content from your social media or product review pages.

  • winning graph for polls in email creative

    Increase poll and survey response rates by incorporating a poll, updating in real-time in your email creative.

  • email open pic for open time personalization

    Using web scrapes, update an email creative even after it's sent - as the viewer opens it, not at the time of deployment.

  • alarm clock picture for countdown timers

    Create a sense of urgency for a sale, an event, a limited offer of any kind with countdown timers (and offers) as well as time-expiring images.

Distributed email templates world map

Distributed Email Templates

With Distributed Email Templates, brands that utilize a distributed marketing model can provide email marketing abilities to their local teams, while retaining a comprehensive view of the campaign execution process and managing brand messaging at the corporate level.


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