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We provide marketers with solutions that orchestrate cross-channel marketing communications to drive results and revenue.  We do this by leveraging technology, data, analytics, creative, and strategy to activate and optimize insights-driven, real-time, relevant communications.

We provide:

  • Technology that is reliable, scalable, and affordable
  • Real-time analytics that enable train-of-thought analysis and are highly actionable
  • Data-driven insights based on a single, consistent view of the customer
  • Cross-channel strategies focused on improving results and revenue
  • Content and creative that are relevant, engaging, and goal-oriented
  • Flexible service models that facilitate a true partnership and marketer growth
Ed Kuderna
Managing Director, Yesmail

We strive to create solutions that break down perceptions about traditional marketing and its limitations. Our platform and intelligence tools enable brands to create meaningful customer connections through relevant multichannel communications and blend marketing with loyalty."

Key Channels



    Map, develop, segment, implement, and measure campaigns across email, social, mobile, and web channels from a single platform and in real time.

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  • email


    Harness the power of email by creating instant targeting, implementing sophisticated testing, incorporating dynamic content blocks, and crafting various triggers. 

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  • social


    Manage your social media campaigns, generate new customers through existing subscribers’ social networks, and monitor your competitors’ digital channel performance through innovative tools and integrations.

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  • mobile


    SMS garners a near-perfect open rate. Reach consumers through mobile apps and SMS to guarantee optimal response rates for your mobile campaigns.

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  • web


    From registration pages to preference centers, build an excellent opt-in and subscription management experience to keep your customers happy. 

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  • data


    The importance of clean, rich, and accurate data is unparalleled in today’s marketing works – manage, maintain, and enhance your customer data to keep your marketing objectives within reach. 

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