Program Reviews

We’ve found that the best way to plan for what lies ahead is to avoid past missteps. We’ll review your current and past digital, mobile, and social campaigns to find areas for improvement and make sure all best practices are in play.

Email Program Audit Imagery

Our Program and Campaign Reviews help you track the impact of your campaigns across multiple digital channels while our competitive insights enable you to compare and benchmark your marketing initiatives against key competitors. A few of our offerings include: 

  • Planning Sessions: We conduct a strategic consulting session to enhance specific initiatives or carry out seasonal planning. A Yesmail marketing strategist leads the discussion in coordination with multiple cross-functional teams, resulting in a customized marketing plan and a clearly outlined implementation strategy. 
  • Monthly Executive Summary: We provide a summary of all campaigns sent over the course of one month, delivered in a format that’s easily reviewable for all stakeholders. We’ll ensure that performance metrics are relevant to your campaign objectives, and will provide recommendations on how to evolve and optimize your overall marketing program.
  • Monthly Mobile Device Summary: We create a dashboard customized to your needs, based on mobile device reporting and trends. We also identify opportunities for additional messaging or implementation of best practices to improve the mobile experience for your subscriber base.