Campaign Strategy Imagery

We will customize your campaign strategy from initial customer interactions all the way through the entire customer lifecycle. That’s why we work with clients on an individual level to provide a total email marketing campaign strategy. We help you develop direct response campaigns that are tailored to your business based on industry vertical and target audience. Our service is designed to directly enhance the brand experience for your customers at various stages of engagement, including:  

  • Welcome Campaign Strategy: We review your current welcome program and develop recommendations to strengthen the subscriber brand experience and drive immediate revenue through additional messaging, targeting or content recommendations. 

  • Activation Campaign Strategy: We develop an engagement strategy based on subscriber activity and time in the email program. We provide frequency, content, and targeting testing to ensure you get the most out of triggered campaigns.

  • Purchase Cycle Strategy: We will deliver recommendations informed by customer purchase patterns and buying cycles and aimed at driving relevant content and offers to customers. By tying strategy to insights into the purchase cycle, we help maximize re-purchase and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Behavioral Campaign Strategy: We identify and develop behavioral campaigns that incorporate customers’ website activity. By understanding what action the customer is currently taking, we can help you develop timely and relevant communications that drive the customer toward purchase.