Marketing Forecast Report

Yesmail brings the power of forecasting to email marketing.

Marketing Performance Forecast Report GraphicUsing the marketing Forecast Report, developed by the Customer Insights team, marketers are able to predict the long-term performance of their email marketing programs and concretely establish their return on investment. This product also enables users to project database growth and email mobile readership, and interactively test how changes in a marketer's plan will impact email marketing performance in terms of revenue, ROI and simple email metrics, such as open and click-through rates. This makes powerful statistical analysis understandable for marketers, regardless of analytical background, and enables them to make better decisions when planning and budgeting. The result is increased effectiveness of marketing spend.

Features available in the marketing Forecast Report include:

  • Database Size Forecast
  • Projected Email Volume, Revenue and ROI
  • Mobile Readership Projection
  • What-If Analysis

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