• "Yesmail's deliverability team has become our immediate go-to when we have deliverability questions or concerns. With a very small email team of three, we don't have the depth of knowledge nor opportunity to dig into deliverability to the extent needed so it's fantastic having a resource at our fingertips. Between their team and the Deliverability Intelligence tool, we are well-poised to learn and grow our internal knowledge and understanding of this ever-changing but crucial component of running an email program."

    Email Channel Manager
    A customer from the top 5 largest commercial banks in the United States
  • "Even though we were paying for a license with the leading deliverability services provider on the market, we quickly discovered we needed more than a report to proactively avoid major deliverability issues. We needed a true partner who could offer strategic recommendations and help us navigate through the ever-changing deliverability landscape. Yesmail’s deliverability team has proved to be that partner by providing extensive support and achieving excellent inboxing results with each mailing. We are pleased with this partnership and have decided to discontinue our relationship with other deliverability service providers."

    Manager of Email Marketing
    Distinctive Apparel Inc.
  • "During 2012, our email program for a large national retailer was hit with unexpected and severe bulking issues due to rapid and mysterious changes in inboxing rules of several major email providers. This was an urgent matter as these customers made up nearly 30% of our regular audience. Yesmail's Deliverability team helped us track down and address the causes. Their tests, advice and recommended data scrubs helped us bring our inboxing back up to nearly 100% per email blast. Since then, their ongoing weekly Deliverability Intelligence Reports and team member outreach help us maintain our sender reputation and avoid potential problems with bulking and other deliverability issues."

    VP of Marketing Services
    HS2 Solutions
  • "The customer always comes first and today, when half of Americans own a smartphone, that means thinking mobile-first. Marketing campaigns have to optimize the user experience by catering to what customers want. The email campaign Yesmail designed was simple, to the-point, and easy-to-read. It was instrumental to the success of our Mobile Check-In rollout."

    Senior Manager, Email Marketing
    Marriott Rewards