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Linda Vetter
Vice President, Marketing

We help our clients keep their finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends by offering them access to our extensive library of whitepapers, on-demand webinars, benchmark reports, and Ask The Expert series of Q&As. We are continuously working to keep our marketing community in-the-know.”

Creating a Seasonal Customer-Centric Calendar
Create a customer-centric marketing calendar & capitalize on unique energy moments.
Engagement & Deliverability for Holiday Email 2016
Learn the biggest lessons from 2015 and what they mean for marketers in 2016.  

Ask the Expert

Introduction to Mobile Wallet

Kristin Pirazzini Director, Digital Products

As digital channels rise, change, and get adopted by marketers, Yesmail wants to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works. One of the unique up-and-coming digital channels that can prove extremely effective for marketers is Mobile Wallet.


Making Testing Purposeful through a Learning Agenda

Marie Honme Senior Strategist

While we have plenty of conversations around testing, not enough marketers take a holistic approach to the idea of learning through testing. Too often we get caught up in a cycle of testing for testing’s-sake and lose sight of the big picture." 


Choosing the Right Email Frequency

Kris Sakaluk Analyst, Intelligence Products

Having the right email frequency strategy can mean the difference between email recipients making a purchase rather than unsubscribing from any future communication."


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Election Flashback: Revisit How Smart Email Marketing Led to a Stunning Presidential Win

Smart Email Marketing

By the time President Obama won the presidency in 2008, he had successfully collected approximately 13.5 million email addresses1 – a number unprecedented for any other presidential campaign ever, especially given this was the first time email marketing strategy was used as an instrumental tool during an election.

By Marie Galo
Aug 24, 2016

5 Steps to Determine the Best Segmentation Strategy for Your Email Marketing Program

Email segmentation

Email segmentation is a great way to connect with your audience and increase conversions. It allows marketers to speak more intelligently to consumers through personalized, relevant content.

By Elizabeth Fella
Aug 23, 2016

How “List-Bombing” Led to Recent Spamhaus Blacklistings

Spamhaus Blacklistings

Since this past Sunday, Spamhaus, one of the Internet's most powerful and widely used domain and IP blacklists, began putting several major businesses, marketers, and ESPs on their IP blacklist. The reason for these listings could be that these senders were victims of "list bombing.”

By Bob Sybydlo
Aug 18, 2016