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Linda Vetter
Vice President, Marketing

We help our clients keep their finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends by offering them access to our extensive library of whitepapers, on-demand webinars, benchmark reports, and Ask The Expert series of Q&As. We are continuously working to keep our marketing community in-the-know.”

Creating a Seasonal Customer-Centric Calendar
A step-by-step guide to creating a customer-centric marketing calendar to capitalize on unique energy moments to engage...
The Ultimate Email Trigger Report
Learn how triggered campaigns outperformed base communications across every single success metric. 

Ask the Expert

Introduction to Mobile Wallet

Kristin Pirazzini Director, Digital Products

As digital channels rise, change, and get adopted by marketers, Yesmail wants to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works. One of the unique up-and-coming digital channels that can prove extremely effective for marketers is Mobile Wallet.


Making Testing Purposeful through a Learning Agenda

Marie Honme Senior Strategist

While we have plenty of conversations around testing, not enough marketers take a holistic approach to the idea of learning through testing. Too often we get caught up in a cycle of testing for testing’s-sake and lose sight of the big picture." 


Choosing the Right Email Frequency

Kris Sakaluk Analyst, Intelligence Products

Having the right email frequency strategy can mean the difference between email recipients making a purchase rather than unsubscribing from any future communication."


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3 Email Marketing Triggers You Are Not Implementing But Should


Find out the remarkable metrics behind these 3 campaigns.

By Ivy Shtereva
Jul 27, 2016

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: August

Take advantage of the holidays and events illustrated in our August Marketing Calendar.

Take advantage of the holidays and events illustrated in our August Marketing Calendar.

By Gurjit Sandhu
Jul 25, 2016

3 Ways to Determine the Best Email Cadence for Your Email Program

3 methods that will help you get to the frequency that fits your business.

Two of the common questions email marketers ask is “how frequently should we email our customers?” and “how much email is too much?”

By Maureen Gorman
Jul 14, 2016