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Linda Vetter
Vice President, Marketing

We help our clients keep their finger on the pulse of the latest industry trends by offering them access to our extensive library of whitepapers, on-demand webinars, benchmark reports, and Ask The Expert series of Q&As. We are continuously working to keep our marketing community in-the-know.”

A Look Inside 6 Different Types of Email Offers
Find out what email offers best resonate with consumers
Email Design Lookbook
Email designs to inspire your next campaigns and help you grow.

Ask the Expert

Your first step to a clean file is National Change of Address

Eric Niebergall Director, Data Processing Products & Services

National Change of Address (NCOA) should be the cornerstone of any direct marketers’ mailing initiatives. It is an effective way to keep your customer file as clean as possible while also being a cost-effective solution.


The first step in cleansing your mail file

Eric Niebergall Director, Data Processing Products & Services

When deploying a direct mail campaign, take into consideration that running proper address hygiene processes can result in saving you thousands of dollars in wasted postage and undeliverable mail.


Database Marketing

Sal Pecoraro VP, Marketing Technology and Support

Without a proper database infrastructure in place, you will not be able to effectively engage and communicate with your clients and prospects. Taking the time and understanding what goes into implementing a database will be imperative to your success.


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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: April

Check out seasonal marketing themes in April

From Earth Day to Easter, check out our April calendar for a list of holidays throughout the month and learn from timely campaign samples.

By Linda Clasen
Mar 22, 2017

How Multivariate Testing Improves Targeting and Engagement

Collect Data on Which Email Elements Contributed to Lift

Multivariate testing can tell you EXACTLY which change in email elements made the most difference.

By Kara Sutton
Mar 07, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: March

Check out seasonal marketing themes in March

Looking for ideas for to reach out to customers and stay top of mind? Check out our March calendar for holiday and special themes along with campaign examples brands have used to engage subscribers throughout the month.

By Nessa Felleson
Feb 24, 2017