Our rich APIs allow for advanced triggering campaigns. Event-based triggers enhance email campaigns and can be sent from any application, such as an existing CRM, using Yesmail’s next generation API. Our solution fully integrates with web analytics, content management systems, social media channels, eCommerce platforms, and recommendation engines.

Our API is also fully customizable to individual needs. We never use canned APIs—our technology adapts to you.

We continually invest in the development of our APIs and our database. Our investment means an API that delivers improved data-throughput, concrete stability, fewer IT-related disruptions, and faster implementation for new and custom functionality. The end result is a RESTful API that meets web standards and requires less technical expertise to successfully implement. Our ability to customize our API sets us apart. While most solutions offer canned APIs, which means the customer has to adapt around technological limitations, our API adapts around your needs.

We believe truly beneficial technology always adjusts to the user, not the other way around.