Delivering contextually relevant communications that make it into the recipient's inbox, speak to his interests and surroundings, incite action, and outperform the competition are few and far between. They're also very hard to develop. Not anymore.

Yesmail's Intelligence suite delivers true marketing innovation in the form of technology. Each solution is designed to tackle a key challenge marketers face when trying to engage, convert, and retain their subscribers.

Yesmail Market Intelligence

By looking at competitors’ marketing efforts across multiple channels marketers can refine their campaigns and develop high-performing marketing initiatives that outperform their competition. Yesmail Market Intelligence delivers real-time campaign data from any competitor and from leading digital channels including email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, display ad networks, and web. 

Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence

The solution helps marketers' email campaigns hit 100% inboxing rate every time, for each message they deploy. Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence combines proprietary technology that tracks key deliverability metrics like bulking, inboxing, and blacklisting, with the expertise of a dedicated analyst, who provides deliverability recommendations, strategic support, and immediate assistance when any issues arise.

Data Hygiene Intelligence

Maintaining a clean database is one of the most important factors for ensuring optimal inboxing rates. Yesmail's Data Hygiene Intelligence enbles marketers to effectively 'audit' their database, identify, suppress, or remove dead records and spamtraps that negatively affect email inboxing and can cause a major block on a marketer's mailing program. 

Social Attribution Intelligence

Marketers are increasingly challenged in reaching both their existing subscribers and new audiences as they try to grow their market share and increase revenue. Social Attribution Intelligence allows brands to leverage their subscribers' social networks to extend their reach, gain new prospects, and generate sales

Trigger Intelligence

Triggered messages are among the most engaging ways to interact with consumers because of their timeliness and relevance. Yesmail Trigger Intelligence takes triggered campaigns to the next level by introducing real-time weather and sports triggers that can deploy emails to specific subscriber segments when a pre-set weather condition or sports game outcome occurs.