Engagement Analyzer

With Engagement Analyzer, marketers are able to gain an understanding of what their most (and least) engaged subscriber segments look like and incorporate lifecycle email strategies to move subscribers from one engagement bucket to the next. This ultimately increases each subscriber’s individual value, as well as overall program revenue.

Engagement Analyzer follows an easily customizable automated segmentation model that caters to a marketer’s unique audience composition, purchase cycle, business objectives, and definition of engagement. It is easily configured to include a combination of consumer-level metrics like email behavior and conversion records, like past purchases. Moreover, the solution enables marketers to build and execute automated digital programs based on the most important and profitable segments within their audience.

Engagement Analyzer helps marketers gain:

  • Improved understanding of email engagement and purchase behavior
  • Accurate measurement of engagement levels across all subscriber segments
  • Custom subscriber segments based on unique audience, purchase cycle, and business objectives
  • Increased ROI resulting from improved email program effectiveness

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