Cross Channel Integration

Email campaigns are at their best when they complement each channel of the marketing machine. Yesmail empowers marketers to take an integrated approach to email marketing, coordinating cross-channel campaigns across online and offline efforts.

In the modern era of “big data” and an abundance of marketing channels, an integrated cross-channel marketing strategy helps provide a consistent consumer experience. By unlocking insights across all marketing efforts, each channel can be molded to help the others, in turn strengthening the entire marketing system. Creating an optimized multichannel campaign isn’t an easy process. It requires a solution that delivers insights into each marketing rope so they can be tied together efficiently.

Yesmail lets marketers control cross-channel campaigns with a single email marketing platform, from inception to management. This means uploading and enhancing campaigns, planning their deployment, creating mobile-optimized emails and corresponding social updates and SMS messages, and executing and tracking across multiple channels—all in one user-friendly platform. By integrating SMS, mobile, social broadcasting, and cross-channel analytics, Yesmail provides an optimized cross-channel approach housed in a single place.