Triggered Email

Great interactions come from great timing. With event-triggered email, Yesmail ensures technology is an advantage rather than a barrier.

As email clicks have showed a 14% decrease over the last year, it has become increasingly challenging for marketers to effectively engage consumers.

We all know that consumer engagement is a function of relevant content and great timing. In other words, triggered messages. Triggered emails garner, on average, two and a half times the open rate of business-than-usual-emails and twice their unique click rate. They are relevant because they respond to a specific action taken by the consumer, and timely, because they immediately follow that action. Triggered campaigns show knowledge of each subscriber, an interest in their actions, and an invitation to advance the communication between the brand and the customer.

Triggered emails must be generated quickly to meet both the relevance and timeliness criteria that consumers require in order to engage . Speed is crucial in the digital age, and companies must take advantage of their small window of customer attention.
Yesmail provides rich
APIs that deliver an automated email marketing solution to enhance the customer experience and drive rapid ROI. Through drag-and-drop segmentation and targeting, users can easily create triggered emails with no need for dedicated resources, and our APIs provide simple integration with other systems as well, such as website events to trigger emails through real-time, bi-directional data feeds.