Mobile & Social Execution

Today’s consumers are inseparable from their mobile phones, carrying them everywhere they go. As use of multiple screens increases, it’s important for marketers to optimize their email campaigns for mobile, engage customers with mobile-specific messaging, and incorporate social media into their email marketing strategy to ensure they reach consumers instantly through the right channel.

Yesmail delivers optimized email messages to the socially connected, on-the-go consumer by providing a single platform for email and social media marketing campaigns, complete with detailed social media and email performance metrics to assess how cross-channel campaigns are performing and identify areas of improvement. Our platform’s social media marketing tools turn social media into an email acquisition channel which enables marketers to take campaigns to the next level by integrating social media marketing into their marketing strategy.

To develop a truly cross-channel marketing strategy, marketers who want to stay relevant and consistently engage their customer base have an opportunity to promote customer loyalty and conversion through SMS. Yesmail makes it easy for marketers to enhance their email programs with SMS marketing. Our robust, yet intuitive platform enables brands to create and manage a vast array of SMS campaigns. Powerful personalization and location-based capabilities allow marketers to provide a truly interactive experience for consumers by pre-defining SMS triggers based on a variety of factors such as consumers responses, events, breaking news, and even weather.