Email Optimization

Yesmail takes a tailored approach that’s more than simply sending an email and hoping. It’s about using analytics and modeling to turn data into actionable insights that improve customer interaction.

Linegraph Email Optimization

Being able to make use of the numbers to increase conversions is a major factor for success. The modern explosion of data drives responsibility on marketers to close the gap between sales and marketing, which means marketers must make data-driven decisions to increase the ROI of every marketing spend. With Yesmail as a data partner, email optimization is more than simply a buzz term. Yesmail’s platform automates email marketing to ensure marketers are sending the right content to the right customer at the best possible time.

Insights across mobile and social channels let marketers know when campaigns are trending, so a corresponding email push can further build momentum. Segment and cultivate high-value customers to enhance their long-term worth through more significant brand interactions—send the most effective email to groups depending on their engagement level, populated with dynamic email content most relevant to the customer. With our unparalleled data management capabilities, marketers can take advantage of advanced analytics, predictive tools, and visual reports to make data-driven decisions that drive results.

Simply put, Yesmail is a true email optimization solution that engages customers and increases the bottom line. Learn about how you can optimize your marketing efforts through Yesmail Central