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5 Steps to Developing an Effective Reactivation Strategy

Effective reactivation strategy

Marketers are always looking for ways to optimize their email programs. However, optimization isn’t just limited to increasing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. ‘Optimization’ can mean taking a close look at a marketer’s database and finding an opportunity to reactivate members who are still mailable but no longer engaged.

By Sharon Maneja
Nov 29, 2016

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: December

Holidays and events to enhance engagement in December

With December we are in the home stretch that gives you 24 days to capitalize on the remaining key shopping days.

By Gavin Handley
Nov 16, 2016

The Launch of iOS 10 and its impact on email marketing

iOS 10

In September Apple released a new version of its operating system, iOS 10, and with it came many major enhancements to the way we develop email campaigns.

By Kyle Henderick
Nov 14, 2016

Changing trends for Black Friday and how marketers can adapt


Black Friday campaign guide highlighting two major tactics email marketers should consider implementing this year.

By Gurjit Sandhu
Nov 09, 2016

5 Best Practices for Developing Effective Email Preference Centers

Email Preference Centers

Enter email preference centers. An email preference center allows customers to choose email frequency and content topics that better suit their preferences OR completely unsubscribe. It is instrumental in limiting the number of opt-outs by letting customers segment themselves for you.

By Dan Speers
Nov 03, 2016

Give thanks to your customers with these 3 Thanksgiving Day Campaign Tips & Examples


Boost your Turkey Day campaigns with these ideas

By Gurjit Sandhu
Oct 31, 2016

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: November

Holidays and events to enhance engagement in November

Kick your holiday marketing into high gear with these November holidays and events!

By Cheryle Ross
Oct 17, 2016

Halloween campaign tips and examples

[Infographic] There’s still time to refine your Halloween campaigns

Check out the tips from this infographic and then view 3 well-executed creative examples for ideas to help you get the most out of the big day

By Gurjit Sandhu
Oct 12, 2016

Days of the week with highest email engagement and conversion


Get days of the week engagement and purchase behavior findings

By Gurjit Sandhu
Oct 03, 2016

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: October

Campaign ideas to boost your October engagement

View the holidays and events illustrated in our October Marketing Calendar.

By Ted Kim
Sep 27, 2016