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“Should I Stay or Should I Go”: Reviewing Your Cross-Channel Marketing Provider

Are Your Marketing Programs Reaching Full Potential?

Brands should look at their relationship with their cross-channel marketing provider who plays such an instrumental role in achieving business objectives.

By Benjamin Galassi
Feb 14, 2017

Data Hygiene: Clean Data Boosts Marketing ROI

Customer Data is Your Brand’s Biggest Asset

Maintaining the quality of your customer data base will drive greater engagement and higher revenue.

By Lisa Mayer
Feb 02, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: February

Improve February engagements with these holidays and events

February is filled with opportunity to celebrate, engage and excite subscribers.

By Kimberly Snyder
Jan 24, 2017

Mobile Wallets Increase Email Coupon Redemption

Coupons are one of the most effective sources for brand engagement and loyalty.

If anyone knows how true that is, it’s Coca Cola; the brand created the first-ever coupon in 1887.

By Lisa Mayer
Jan 16, 2017

The Dawn of Digital Marketing: A Brief History of Email

Email has come a long way

Whether it’s a friendly greeting from an old friend, an evite to a party, or a shipment notification for an item purchased online, we take email for granted.

By Marie Galo
Jan 12, 2017

Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Desktop Shopping

Improving the Mobile Experience to Increase Conversions

The gap between mobile and desktop clicks & CTO rates has almost reached the tipping point.

By Lisa Mayer
Jan 09, 2017

Close the Email Engagement Gap with Behavioral Targeting

Mind the Engagement Gap

Consumers are drowning in emails. Faced with a flood of offers, marketers have a tough job getting consumers to open their emails let alone take the next step and engage with the brand.

By Lisa Mayer
Jan 05, 2017

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: January

Holidays and events to help you enhance cross-channel campaign engagement

Set your best foot forward in 2017 with our monthly marketing calendar for January.

By Mitchell Bliss
Dec 29, 2016

5 Steps to Developing an Effective Reactivation Strategy

Effective reactivation strategy

Marketers are always looking for ways to optimize their email programs. However, optimization isn’t just limited to increasing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. ‘Optimization’ can mean taking a close look at a marketer’s database and finding an opportunity to reactivate members who are still mailable but no longer engaged.

By Sharon Maneja
Nov 29, 2016

Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: December

Holidays and events to enhance engagement in December

With December we are in the home stretch that gives you 24 days to capitalize on the remaining key shopping days.

By Gavin Handley
Nov 16, 2016